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Each subscription to StickyFolios includes:

  • Unlimitd StickyFolios
  • Unlimitd StickyAlbums
  • Unlimited Booking Pages
  • Hosting & Storage
  • Mobile Friendly & Search Engine Optimized
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • E-mail Support


StickyFolios takes no time at all, is very clean, and allows you to drive traffic in an attractable way. It is visually appealing and gets people excited about contacting us. It is really user friendly; you don't have to be a web developer. If this is not blowing your minds with excitement then nothing is going to get you excited. HOME RUN for StickyFolios and the team!

Photographer & Founder of Shutter Magazine

You do not have to do it all alone! Their support team really is a SUPPORT TEAM that cares about you and is happy to guide you and give you ideas and insight. Thank you, StickyFolios team, for working so hard to create such beautiful and simple sites for us to spread our wings with!

Portrait Photographer

WOW! I am so in love with this new booking platform. I love that I can have the weekend off with my family and come in Monday morning to see bookings in my calendar ready to go. Thank you so much Sticky Folios!

Carmen Clare
Portrait Photographer

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT. Its perfect, simple, & streamlined...

Makalay Jade & Dave Harris
Portrait Photographers

A fill list of features

  • Builder Features
  • Edit Your Folio On Your Own Screen

    We built a quick and intuitive builder, allowing you to edit your Folio in real-time. Get a Folio created and published faster than ever before.

  • Customizable Galleries

    Update the look and feel of your galleries by trying a different style.

  • Social Sharing Settings

    Customize the opengraph image, title, and description of each folio, so when your clients share their URL, the page preview loads correctly.

  • No Coding Knowledge Required

    No coding knowledge is required. We’ve removed all of the complexity so that you can focus on your image and text content.

  • Your Own Mobile App

    Turn on this feature in select templates to enable your Folio to save offline and be used without internet connectivity. Your Folio will save right to the homescreen, with an app name and icon you pick.

  • Email Capture

    Collect emails from your visitors and sign them up for your mailing list by embedding a form from your email service directly within a Folio.

  • SEO & Reporting

    We've automated the best practices of search engine optimization and include an SEO report so you can make sure your Folio is search optimized.

  • Custom Domains

    Use your own domain and sub-domain to better align your Folios with your online photography brand.

  • Google Analytics

    The foundation of good digital marketing is a fantastic analytics platform to help you analyze your traffic. We support the best one!

  • Sharing is Built in & Encouraged

    Each Folio has its own URL, making it super easy for you to share with your clients (and for your clients to share with others) over email, text message, social media, and more.

  • Template Features
  • Contemporary Design

    Our folios were designed with streamlined, clean & fresh as our inspiration. This design meshes beautiful with any brand.

  • Enhanced for Mobile

    Our folio templates are quick & efficient. All of our templates were designed to be blazing fast on mobile, yet still shine on big desktops.

  • Responsive

    Our templates look great on any device.

  • Branding

    Each folio template comes with the ability to change typefaces, colors, and upload your logos.

  • Easy to Edit in the Builder

    Our builder & templates go hand-in-hand. Because of this, we've been able to streamlin the editing process and create a builder that made sense.

  • Booking Features
  • Connect to Calendar

    Connect your StickyFolios account to your calendar and define how you want our booking system to interact with your calendar.

  • Multiple Booking Page Types

    Quickly create a booking page for Mini-sessions, sell gift cards, schedule a meeting, and many more.

  • Collect the Info You Need

    Customize your booking page to collect the information you need from your clients. Collect client info like names, collect a down-payment, and add cutom questions for your clients to fill out.

  • Add a scheduling button anywhere

    Your booking page is a live website and easy to add to e-mail signatures, advertisements, and much more.