Step 1

Connect your calendar.

Step 2

Create a booking page for each meeting type.

Step 3

Add a scheduling button to your folio or website.

Step 4

Relax and enjoy the time saved.

Never double book again.

We believe that scheduling meetings and sessions shouldn’t be such a chore for you or your clients. Potential clients no longer have to get frustrated waiting to hear back from you on a meeting time. With a booking page, you can choose what times your booking page will show you are available and let your clients pick a time from your schedule that works for them. You no longer need to be the bottleneck.


Booking Pages for Every Situation

Booking pages can be used for any type of meeting, whether you are scheduling a 15-minute consultation call, taking a down payment, booking a single session, scheduling a reveal session, or even filling an all day mini-session.

For example, you can make a page to book a free 15-minute phone consult and link to it from your website. Then you can have a separate private page for each of your different session types, to make scheduling and payment collection easier after you’ve talked with your prospective client.

Book A Session

Let your client book a session from a list of times you choose. If you’d like, charge a down payment to reduce no-shows.

Collect a Payment

Accept online payment to make it faster and easier for your clients to pay you. No extra fees.

Sell Gift Cards

Allow your clients and their friends to purchase gift cards from you. Clients can redeem online or in your studio.

Schedule a Meeting

Share your scheduling link via email to save time scheduling meetings with local business partners and others.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Increase your client inquiries by making it super easy for prospective clients to schedule a consultation time with you.

Schedule Reveal & Order Session

Let your clients quickly and easily sign up for a session and order review.

Additional Features

Accept online payments

Tired of no-shows? Enable online payments and let your clients pay a deposit with no commission or extra fees.

Set your Availability

Book more clients by allowing your clients to book now without any back-and-forth hassle. Syncs with your Google Calendar to block booked meetings in real-time.

Customizable Form

You choose what information you want to collect. Ask people how they heard about you, how many children they are bringing to their family session, or even have them agree to your photography legal agreement.

Looks great everywhere

Our booking pages are designed to look beautiful on any device.

Sales Report

Pull reports based on your booking activity to identify which marketing strategies are working best.

Shareable Anywhere

Your booking page has a dedicated URL, meaning you can share them via a button on your Folio or Website, in a social media promotion, via text message, or in your email footer.